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Optimize combustion

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OnPoint’s Zolo Technologies delivers unique laser-based combustion monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for ultra-harsh environments to optimize the yield, efficiency, and safety of combustion applications.

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Solutions across industrial domains.


Steam Generation

Electric Arc Furnace


Basic Oxygen Furnace

Installation Base

Power Generation

Reheat Furnace

Increased Run Lengths.

The ethylene cracking process requires precise temperature control to avoid “hot spots” and associated coking-induced downtime. A lack of measurements directly in the furnace makes it difficult to maintain an optimal temperature distribution to avoid localized tube plugging. ZoloSCAN provides the solution via real-time, in-furnace measurements of temperature, O2, H2O and CO enabling you to maintain a target combustion profile and extend cracker run-time.


Optimized Furnace Combustion.

Small boilers are often used for converting local energy sources into process steam. Because these furnaces regularly operate with a variable fuel source or a fuel source for which the boiler was not designed (biomass, blast furnace gas, CO enriched CH4, etc.), optimal operation can be quite difficult to maintain. ZoloSCAN provides a solution via in-furnace, laser-based measurements of temperature, H2O, CO, and O2 enabling the operator to maintain balanced and optimized furnace combustion.

Fast EAF Off-Gas Detection.

EAF steelmaking requires tight control of end-point carbon concentration and temperature for optimum product quality. The variable composition of scrap steel can make the control process difficult and often results in low-energy efficiency and/or high emissions due to sub-optimal combustion. Traditional off-gas monitors require significant on-site maintenance and calibration and do not provide a sufficiently fast response for operators to optimize the process. ZoloSCAN measures temperature, H2O, CO and CO2 in real-time, directly in the fourth hole duct using non-intrusive TDLAS technology. The ZoloSCAN delivers actionable, two-second updates of species concentrations and temperature that can be used to optimize post-combustion energy recovery and detect water leaks thereby improving EAF performance and safety.


Efficient Furnace Operation.

Reformers present a unique furnace optimization challenge due to the large number of burners that they contain. Imbalances caused by only a few mis-tuned burners can lead to reduced efficiency, premature tube failures, degraded catalyst, or constrained operation with changing fuel composition. ZoloSCAN provides the solution via real-time, in-furnace measurements of temperature, O2, H2O and CO allowing the operator to maintain target-firing profiles, deliver uniform fuel/air ratios, and improve safety margins.

Accurate End-Point Detection.

End-point detection in the BOF steel-making process is critical to optimal efficiency. Ending the oxygen blow too late oxidizes iron which reduces yield and wastes oxygen. Ending the blow too early can cause the steel carbon specification to be missed, requiring a costly re-blow. End-point can be determined by correlating the rate of change of off-gas concentrations (CO and CO2) and in some cases temperature to final bath carbon levels. Existing off-gas analytical methods are too slow (typically 30-45 seconds) to allow live end-point timing and can only be used for predictive control. Only ZoloSCAN offers a near real-time update rate (2 seconds) of CO, CO2, O2, H2O and temperature, for closed-loop control and optimization of the end of blow in the BOF process.


Improved Heat Rate.

Competition from renewable and natural gas-fired generation, plus more stringent emissions requirements for NOx, CO and CO2, are forcing improvements in coal power plant efficiency and emission reductions. The most cost-effective way to increase efficiency and reduce emissions is to optimize the combustion process. The ZoloSCAN laser-based combustion monitoring system provides in-furnace measurements of temperature, H2O, CO and O2 with spatial resolution to identify and correct localized imbalances, thereby enabling emissions reductions and efficiency gains.


Optimized Zone Control.

Efficient operation of steel reheat furnaces requires accurate control of air-to-fuel ratios in each heating zone. The consequences of deviations from setpoint, or poor ratio control, are lower fuel efficiency and scale formation from excess combustion air, or unburned CO and safety concerns from insufficient combustion air. ZoloSCAN, using real-time, laser-based sensing, measures O2, CO, H2O and temperature in each combustion zone. ZoloSCAN is not a spot measurement technology. The laser measures across the entire furnace to deliver accurate and reliable analysis of products of combustion. The data, when delivered to the PLC or DCS can be used for closed-loop zone ratio control or general combustion monitoring. The results are lower fuel consumption, reduced scale formation and a safer operation.



Multiple species in a single beam.

Zolo ZMUX technology enables simultaneous temperature, CO, H2O and O2 or CO2 quantification on a single measurement path for ultimate value and precision in combustion control.

Traditional Sensors: Single-point sensors (e.g. ZrO2) and single-path, single-species, laser-based sensors do not sample the furnace in a representative way. As a result, the cost to provide equivalent information is excessive or they suffer from insufficient data to optimize the process fully. Ultimately, the result is extra cost, complexity and maintenance to monitor combustion products or an under-optimized process.

Multiple paths in a single system.

Zolo’s unique fiber-coupled architecture allows up to 24 measurement paths from a single system for ultimate value in the spatial control of a furnace.

Traditional Sensors: Each sensor is its own system and independently calibrated, leading to both increased complexity and spatially-dependent uncertainty in measurement uniformity.

Minimal maintenance.

If you can clean an A/C filter and wipe a window, you can maintain the ZoloSCAN. Rugged hardware, auto-aligning heads, and an easy hinged window allow operations to focus on running the furnace.

Traditional Sensors: Complicated maintenance processes are common: Air or N2 purging, re-alignment after startup or shutdown, finicky operation in environments with dynamic wall warpage, calibration with standard compressed gas mixtures, and unplugging clogged extractive lines are common maintenance requirements for alternative technologies.

ZoloSCANZolo: Easy to clean.

Traditional SensorsTraditional Sensors: Tubing and manifolds to maintain.

Rapid reporting.

Traditional Sensors: Monitors based on extractive techniques suffer from a significant time lag as they must transfer the gasses to a processing unit through a heated sample tube and sample-conditioning filter. This time penalty (no less than 20 seconds) necessitates a reactive control system due to the “stale” combustion data.

ZOLO is built on and leverages our decades of expertise in the combustion domain.


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