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The right technology to perform and transform.

Building each of our OnPoint solutions quickly and in a highly scalable and long-term cost-effective environment requires harnessing the right tools and resources. To that end, we are leveraging AWS’s world class infrastructure. Being multi-tenant, in the cloud, in a rapidly maturing environment requires us to use these kinds of cutting-edge technologies. With EMBER, we analyze burner data using domain expertise to provide insights and recommendations that offer increased reliability and reduced maintenance for our customers.

With EMBER, the outside operators can now see what they are doing and what they are accomplishing. They can actually see how it’s helping.

Process Lead in the Ethylene Industry

We’ve been observing a 3-5% increase in throughput for individual furnaces without really having to increase the firing rates.

Process Engineer in the Ethylene Industry

Case Studies

See how OnPoint’s domain expertise paired with AWS’s world class infrastructure is delivering real results.


Ethylene Cracker Optimization

A major ethylene producer benefited over $1MM in the first year by installing Ember on 7 furnaces…

Ember Zolo

Primary Reformer Optimization

Implementation of Smart Combustion Technology resulted in APPROXIMATELY $700k savings per year.

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